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About Going to College

Here's the twist about the college experience - nearly 60% of all college students come of out college with debt that takes them years to pay off.

  • (It makes no sense to earn 41,000 dollars and have to pay 50,000 dollars in college loans over 15 years with interest that ends up being $53,000 by the time you finish paying for it.)
  • What makes better sense is good grades and an AWESOME SAT / ACT Score. Colleges will often pay you to come to their school when you are willing to work a little for a higher score.

That's what we do at Max Your Score!!!

The bottom line is whether or not your parents went to college - You Should!

Do you realize that once you are out of school and opt to live on your own with:
Living Expenses : $18,848.00 rent, food, utilities, car, gasoline, insurance etc., here is what your potential earnings are:

With no HS diploma :               $19,977.00

With a High School Diploma:    $24,435.00

With an Associates Degree:     $32,386.00
(2 year)

With a Bachelors Degree:  $41,677.00

With a Masters Degree:            $52,214.00

With a Professional Degree:     $82,340.00